Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sacravatoons no 1194 : " The Royal Second-Marquis "


Anonymous said...

A funny man.

A king that does not like living in his own country even drinking water or eating noodles brought from foreign countries.

But the royal alace dump its sewerage into the Mekong river.

Khmer people the drink from the rive and for bathing.

Keep blaming the American for personal reasons.

Cheang Min Lus tov bantos dek.

Failured leadership has led Cambodia to what it went through in 1970s until now.

He's contributed in the shaping up of the current regime. Look at 1993 election. This during 2008 election he just blurped out to scare the Khmer people that monarchy would be in danger of being abolished like Nepal king. Because he h ate Lon Nol's son who was running in the election. He has helped the CPP to weaken opponent.

So far what he's achieved becoming a puppet of HS and YUON which he in the past used to curse HS.

There's so much to say.

Anonymous said...

No body (a khmer) dares to abolish Cambodia monarchy because the Cambodia constitution says don't touch the king.
But can say nly good things about the king. However, a king is a human too. He can't fly.

Anyway no one dare to abolish the monarchy only royal family members can. The former kings themselves have run the country that way which has lead to weaken monarchy and it is heading to be diminished by itself because royal family members are involved in politics. Sihanourk was in politic before but what was the result. Previous kings rule the land and what happen.

They let Yuon and Thai, China abolish Cambodia's monarchy. Their popularity has lost.

The new king HS (Samdech Sicho) is the real strongest king of Cambodia. His rule is more than monarchy but anarchy.

Cambodia's monarchy is diminishing by its own acts.