Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sacravatoons no 1192 : " The Internal-Conflict of the Land of Smiles "


Anonymous said...



Sacrava said...

Hi there,
Many thanks for your compliments in Siamese writing.

The Greed & power will lead to disaster that mandkind always created.

Lord Buddha said :

" Everything is Impermanence "

It's so sad to see the Land of Smiles might be a second Killing Field after Cambodia.The innocent people will be killed & suffering from the insane Politichiens.

Bun H.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your points of view.

I am trying to take your words, It's so sad to see the Land of Smiles ....", but it is difficult.

I respect your opinions but would like to ask you to take a good look at our king.

We, the Thai people, look at our king as a reflection of all our ancestors. When we think about the monarch, we connect our present to the past. We respect those who die for the presence of our country.

I guess that you have some knowledge of our history.

King Rama the 5th and the 6th had plans to turn Thailand into a democracy country. First step was education. Those who change the country in the reign of King Rama the 7th ruined all the foundation of the past kings.

Our King is our teacher.
I hope you know that his palace is not a place of luxury but a farm for agricultural experiment.

I always admire artists. I Appreciate your wit and I realize that you are a clever person.

Please take a good look at our king and our people again.

I hope one day, both our countries would be a land of peace, knowledge, and good health

Thank you again and... hope you see what I say.

with respect

"a Thai"

Sacrava said...

Dear " A Thai ",
Many thanks for your kind words & compliments.
Cartooning Art is just a reflected mirroir of any society.
From the first start I've been concentrated only on Cambodia affairs, but since Cambodia has a Border-Conflict with Thailand , it makes me focus on two contries.
Why is happened ?
I have a lot things to say,pls email me : sacravatoons@optusnet.com.au
Bun H.

Anonymous said...

Dear Thai people,
Thai King and Khmer King is some far cousin.I talk about King Rama 5,well I respect Thai good people who help some thousand Khmer refugie people from Khmer Rouge regime,who have stay tempory in Thai refugie's camp.
For the Cartoonist 's expression of Ung Bun Heang is an art,and in any art, the artist play a roll of his vision. Than come, the spectator watch the Drama and give their empression. You got it dear thai people.
If I talk about our Khmer Land,we come so fast ennemy.Forget and be a good friend and good neigbor.
from : S K M