Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sacravatoons no 1178 : " One way out of Thai-Democracy "


Anonymous said...

Fascinated catoon brother. Keep it up! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Khun Sacrava,

Now, Khun Sondhi Limthognkul is NOW in conflict with Big Pok since Big Pok (Gen. Anuphongse) refuses to give a green light for the coup he wants durign the Police Suppression on 7 October 2008.

Therefore, you should correct and update the change accordingly.

For the case of Khun Mark (Abhisit), I still considered that he is too young for this task, need a mentor like Khun Anand Panyarachun (fomer Prime Minister).

For the case of AI Somchay, he is henpegged by the fatso Red Dragon Lady who is a younger sister of the Emperor Thaksin (AKA Ai Maew).

BTW, Emperor Thaksin has sold Manchester City FC and reaped the profit for this deal.