Monday, October 06, 2008

Sacravatoons no 1172 : " The Father "


Anonymous said...

His neutrality stand always take side.

He's selfish and self interested king.

Should look back and feel ashame for of his acts.

I am young, I read history and i have brain to analyse the history and i don't give a damn credit on all Khmer leaders including the former King. ALl have blood in their hands. I am serious.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous: You are right,but you are still young to understain Khmer Politician.
Socrat said: No one who love other than himself.
We all Khmer in this world said: I lve my country Cambodia. But what you have done for your Cambodia,just only word.So write,insult,cry but don't say that even King Norodom Sihanouk have the blood in his royal hand.
We all know that Khmer is usely say : CHIENG MIN KAT BOUNTOS DEK .
Well, I welcome your comment over here.Read,lean more Cambodia Politic's story.
With a lot of love, from S K M

Anonymous said...

Dear S K M,

thanks for your kind comments and I have a to learn a lot from you by the sound of it.

I am not sure about the point that I should not touch the former King. I think he should open to critism.

Who's chieng and who is dek?

I am a victim of all Khmer politicians. Am I Dek or Chieng?

I can tell you I am not involved wit any Khmer political party but I am expressing my own concern as ab ordinary khmer.

Hope to hear more frined advise from.

Anonymous said...

If Socrat says: No one who love other than himse

The that's enough and perhaps the Khmer people do not need anymore of these leaders even a king.

Anonymous said...

Dear K S M,

you asked me what i have done to my country. I have done nothing to my country Cambodia like those leaders have done which have brought the country to what it is now.

I go to vote and i respect law and I did not kill any one. Isn't that too bad?

Anonymous said...

To be a king he needs to have people but the people are not subject to be abused by the king or leaders. The people can criticise the king but cannot abuse the king.

Anonymous said...

Dear all Anonymous Khmer beloved :
Well, what I have write over here is not mean that I support Ex King N.Sihanouk, my late father use to say that : If they give a candy to Prince ,he is so happy to have it, but if some one said anything wrong about him,he can even " Get out from my country " remember the West Germany ask to Prince in the year 6O... to change from Consul to Ambassy ,because that time, Prince allow the Nord Germany to have Ambassy in Phnom Penh.
The Prince withdraw all member of West Germany Ambassy and even the German Proffessor in Battamabang get out in 7 day from Cambodia.
So please dear Khmer beloved in this forum,don't say that I am Sihanoukist .
Well, Chieng is all Khmer leader and Dak is Khmer people.
With a lot of love to you all,
Thank to Bun Heang for your cartoon.