Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sacravatoons no 1171 :" From Longvaek to Nom Benh "


Anonymous said...

How much would cambodia be sold for?

There are 13 million people.

Assume that selling it over $13billion and then give net $1b to each Khmer not Smer. Then the Khmer people can go elsewhere and enjoy life. Instead of being exploited by their stupid leaders, and kings plus foreign invasion.

Becoz one day Cambodia would be lost totally. No matter there is a brave person to stand up they would get killed anyway.

Cambodia had lost Funan, Kampuchea Krom and some parts to Thailand. Now the Thai is encroaching and the Viet are eating inside.

The King has a hiding place in Beijing. The Khmer people have debts to pay for ADB or World bank etc.

Please think about CAmbodia' real future?

Anonymous said...

When you say about Cambodia's real future, I think about the Kurds is fignting against Turky. I have the same feeling. In the future may be the Khnmer fights againt Cambodia.