Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sacravatoons no 1168 : " Thai History Texbooks "


Anonymous said...

When Thais do realize the fact? Thais can change history textbook but they cannot change the reality.

Now Thais should be satified with thier achievement in the past by grabbing territory from thier neighbouring countries. No one will tolorate such aggressive action in the modern world.

Anonymous said...

I'm Thai who interest about history of Suvannaphumi area. I need to ask my Khmer friend. If you think Thais history text book looklike in cartoon. What do you think about Khmer history textbooks?

Sacrava said...

Hi there,
You take my words, as an observer of Khmer-Politik since 1970 until now I would like to tell you that Khmer History texbooks are only writing the event of history to teach Khmer-Kids.

The Ultra-Nationlism would lead us nowhere but causing the destruction on both sides.
Thailand is the Land of Smiles where the innocent Thai-People are living in the prosperity & happy.
Why some insane Thai-Politicians had tried to provoke the nasty conflict between Khmer-Thai ?
By encroachment the temple of Preah Vihear & others temples wouldn't bring any benefits to Thailand.
We all know that Hun Xen army is very weak.....but Vietnamese Armed forces are one of the strongest in the world.I beg,your Thai army cannot beat it...even Uncle Sam who try to get Vietnam to be his ally.

The war will bring the holocaust to every sides if we're stupid like to play with the real FIRE.

Myself I've been living through it as a Khmer-Refugee who was badly treated in Thai camp liked the rest of the refugees in Thailand.
At the Don Muang Airport on May 24,1980.....even the tickets were paid in full prices, we were not allowed to seat on the chairs...but on the floor until the boarding fligh of Thai Airways.

The war had made us loss our Dignity as Mankind.You never know when is going to be your turn !

It's so true our Lord Buddha said :

" Everything is Impermanence ".

The Greed & Power make us Blind in the daylight.Thanks.

Bun H Ung
from Down Under
Note : I'm working on my new site about Khmer Rouge regime.I will inform you all know to see the real Hell on earth through my 90 drawings accounts as a slave of the Madness Khmer Rouge ideology.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

understand about you badly memory in the dark feeling in Thailand ar that time. But you can very easy to understanding, when I enjoy with your great drawing polictical cartoon about Khmer government officer play activitied with thier citizens. You can be separated who is terrorist who is victim but all of them are Khmer. Same things in Thailand, Our history have many style governments officers some of them are Heros some of them are terrorist and also majority of common citizens are innocents people. In another hand, If we can focus to blame who are real terrorist we can make very strongly connection together for cut off them. I don't like the feeling that looklike frighting chicken who fright with another chicken by some political drama story. If we think like that we can suppport many political terrerist by ourselves both side.

Thank you so much for your comment.
I'm your fanclub all off your website. Great cartoonist in Suvarnaphumi.

I hope one day all of common citizens in both side can smile together.

Sacrava said...

Hi there,
Many thanks for your kind words & your compliments.
I think we can start from now,this
minutes to all of common citizens in both side can smile together....cuz we're buddhists,aren't we ?

COMPASSION can make us smile again through our heart to any mankind.

Bun H. Ung
Sacravatoons from Down Under.

Anonymous said...

I'm Thai and I like the way you express your thought.

Anonymous said...

Actually, history is like borders. These things have to be internationally agreed to become offical recognise.