Monday, September 15, 2008

Sacravatoons no 1144 :" The Warrior King ? "


Anonymous said...

King NORODOM SIHAMONI story is just like Sree Krishna.
Sree Krishna was an uncarnation of Lord Vishnu.Whenever the mother Earth was burdened by sinners,the Lord appeared to save her.Just before the birth of Lord Krishna, the misdeeeds of people had increased to an unbrearable extent.Men were thirsty for each other's blood. These wicked people had lost faith in God.
King N.SIHAMONI allias Tokyo
Born on the 14 May 1953 at Phnom Penh,son of NORODOM SIHANOUK and of IZZI Monique.
So Mother Earth of Cambodia could no longer tolerate this. She approached Lord HUN SEN the Khmer-New Brahma,seeking his help,before say: YES OR NO to H.E SAM RAINSY and Sir KHEM SOKHA.
Please wait dear SAM RAINSY,when MARA Khmer Brahma will die,that time,KING Of CAMBODIA will answer to you.
King of KAN,FR

Anonymous said...

4 External Perils

1. The Offensive from the Western Imperialism to meddle around the internal affairs of Thailand - to pick the puppet governemtn who run in favor of Western Imperialism AGAINST National Interest on energy matters.

2. Bankruptcy of the finanacial giants like Layman Brothers couild IGNITE another national nightmare of 1997.

3. Peril from the Easthern Border - Vietcong wold use Khmer Army as the front lien ATTACKING Thailand ... by insigating Khmers to fight so they can grab the Eastern region all the way from Aranyaprathet to Bangkok. - Eastern reaboard Included - with the help from Yankee and Aussy who want to grab energy resources in the Gulf of Thailand.

4. perils from the Southern Border ... Now, the conflagation has spreaded to Songkla ... and began to creep in the 6 Andaman provinces ... with Supoport from the outside - either from Muslim powers or so.

These 4 external perils are threatening to destroy very existing of Thailand ... Therofre, Internal problems must be solved to prevetn the Demonic regime like Thaksin regime from being revive and allowed to run the coutnry before handling the 4 external peris AGAINST very existing of Thailand