Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sacravatoons no1000 :" The last saga of the God-King "

Regarding myself (and H.M. the Queen-Mother, my Wife is in agreement with me about our new life in exile), I will live in a country that will grant me (willingly) asylum, in a friendly manner, and without this country taking care of my expenses for room and board: I will rent (for me and my wife) a small room (with a bathroom) in a very modest hotel and our daily meals will also be very modest (bought in a modest grocery store).

Note : This is our Sacravatoons no:1000.
We hope the toons have been contributed to the Khmer-Political climate and sharing the truth and facts on Khmer-Sufferings.
And again many thanks for your kindly supporting,critictism and cursing.
May Lord Buddha & the Universe bless you all.

From Down Under,
Sacrava team


Anonymous said...

Oh mate!
This is so beautiful.
The funny thing is that I really do find it moving . . moving because your dear King feels the need to paint such a pitiful picture of himself.
There is really no reason why he shouldn't do exactly what he writes. He really could retire to such a simple modest life . . but of course he never will.
There is something about the way he paints such a pitiful picture of himself - exactly the picture you have drawn. And you do it in sepia too You are brilliant, BunH. I love it. I love it. And you know i love this dear old King of yours too. He is such a character. He does have a soul and his games are so transparent.
I have started re-reading Milton Osborne's 'Prince of Light Pr of Darkness' Osborne is such a pompous twit He despises Sihanouk and is determined to show us every reason why we all should share his contempt for S's flaws and failings. At least your dear King has blood in his veins. I end up feeling I'd rather have a dozen of S's failings than any one of Osborne's 'virtues'.

Yes, he has made some terrible mistakes and he's so VAIN. But he is who he is . And the very idea of him in his tiny hotel room with the dripping shower and a couple of pots on the stove in the corner. The old camera and his photos. Its fantastic. And he'll never know. It'll never happen. But you've made it happen just as he had a pitiful little fantasy of the very same scene.
Thanks, my great friend.

From your fan

sopheaktr said...

really worse brain of you