Thursday, May 15, 2008

A letter from Attorney-At-Law & Sacravatoons

Dear Sir,

I am acting as French counsel for Foreign Minister of Cambodia, Mr. Hor Namhong.
I have noted that on your web site, named, the following caricatures are advertised, namely:

- “Hor Namhong , I am searching for the Truth .... I was a Khmer Rouge or the Boeng Trabek Jail Chief” (May 12, 2008);

- “ Dam or Dum - Hor Namhong: My Xmer Govermment wanted Cambodia to be the Battery ofSouth-East Asia" (April 7, 2008);

- “Hor Namhong: I'm going to sue you with this deformation searching ” (April 19, 2008).

Those caricatures could be sanctioned by a court of law, as being in particular libelous, slanderous and defamatory for Mr. Hor Namhong.

In this respect, I draw your attention to the fact that in a 1991 judgement, the Paris courts ruled that similar allegations were defamatory for Mr. Hor Namhong.

Therefore I put you on notice, on behalf of Mr. Hor Namhong, to immediately take all measures so that those caricatures, and other caricatures which would be in the same vein, be deleted from your web site.

Mr. Hor Namhong obviously reserves all his rights against you and any other participants or contributors to this matter. Please indicate me the name of your attorney-at-law in this matter.

Sincerely yours.
David Meas
Attorney at Law


Anonymous said...

s'en fou sacrava ! En France ,il y a beaucoup de marionnettes qu'on a critiqué les oliticiens/ennes ,on a jamais vu les créateurs sont arrtés ou ont jeté à la prison ; Que les
Khmers qui interrestent les problèmes
leur boss .

Anonymous said...

s'en fou sacrava ! En France ,il y a beaucoup de marionnettes qu'on a critiqué les politiciens/ennes ,on a jamais vu les créateurs sont arrtés ou ont jeté à la prison ; Que les
Khmers qui interrestent les problèmes
leur boss .

Anonymous said...

David Meas ជា អាមេធាវី គ្មានអ្នកណារាប់រក

អា David Meas ជាអាដើរទាត់ខ្យល់ (អាអត់ការធ្វើ)នៅប្រទេសបារាំង។

ខ្មែរនៅបារាំង ស្គាល់វា ដោយសារ ប្តីគេវាយវាពកភ្នែកខាងឆ្វេង កាល ៣ ឆ្នាំមុន ព្រោះវាបានញែប្រពន្ធគេ។

បើនៅអាមេរិក បែបហ្នឹង ប្រហែលគេបាញ់វា ងាប់បាត់ទៅហើយ!

Anonymous said...

Bang Bunheang,

We as a victime who went through the Khmer Rouge will not forget those murdered Khmer. And it is obsurd that the killer like Hor Nam Hong sues you. Taking you to court-I doubt that will ever happen because there is no base on this obsurdity lawsuit, is like taking all the victimes to court because your carton represent the fact.

David Meas, come on man, taking a few dirty dollars from Hor Namhong is not worth it!

Blog By Khmer said...

Political satire cartoon. Don't you understand it, Mr. David Meas ? You are a lowlife scum! What kind of of attorney are you. What university you got diploma from? Shame on you !! And also I don't think Mr. Hor Nam Hung is fit to serve our Cambodia as the foreign minister . He should resign from his post.

Lok pu Sacrava- We Cambodians over here admire your works so much !! Continue on your great work !!

My opinion based on free speech.

Anonymous said...

Bong Bun Heang,

Let this Basdard sue you. And who is this mother fucker David Meas?You live in the deep cave? Do you know how many innocent Khmer killed by this guy?

Bong Bun Heang, we will raise funds to support you.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Lok Bun Heang,

J'ai beaucoup apprécié votre travail, je suis pour votre job,

Pour Samamett Hor Nam Hong,
Vous êtes le ministre, si vous n'êtes pas d'accord que vous êtes l'un des Khmers Rouges et d'ailleur vous êtes d'origine vietnamien né au Pays Khmer, vous devriez vous présenter et dire la vérité devant le tribunal de KR " qui est Angkar Leu ? "

Pour Me David Meas
Je crois que vous êtes d'origine khmère naturalisée française. Ne pas utiliser le mot " Conseil Français " car il y a beaucoup de Conseillers Français font du mal aux khmers. Un exemple tout chaud, c'est Le Kampuchea Krom, la France ne parle jamais son erreur et si vous êtes fier d'être CONSEIL FRANCAIS, faîtes parler la France pour une bonne cause de Kampuchea Krom !

Anonymous said...

Wow! David Meas try to threat the whole world. The CAAI News blog also get the same email too.
Let this idiot sue the whole world
I am strongly support you Mr Sacrava no matter what happen I'll be on your side

Khmer-In-Adelaide said...

I support your great work pu bun heang , Idea to raise fund to support sacrava absolutely brilliant , Let me know if this job start , I'm glad to support this fund .


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that this Khmer lawyer in France to write this blackmail letter to Sacrava without shame that he is not allowed to represent anyone in commonwealth countries court. To represent anyone in country of the commonwealth, they have to be member of their law society. To be member of such society, he has to be educated from universities from that country. Therefore he cannot handle any legal work of anyone outside of commonwealth countries to deal with any court of any commonwealth country. On top of this, Hor Nam Hong have to find a lawyer himself in any commonwealth country and he has to stay there until his case is clear. To file a court proceeding against anyone in commonwealth country is not cheap. It cost a lot of monies ( at least $100,000.00). The plentif needs also to put deposit with the high court for a counter-court proceeding. I wonder at what case, Hor Nam hong is dreaming to win his case?
1-He has admitted he has join Khmer Rouge in 1970.
2-He has admitted he has promoted to the post of Chief of Boeung Trabek prison during power struggle to remove Chau Seng and Vann Pinny from chairmanship of that Prison. That power struggle was done all over the country by arresting all Khmer rouge cards from different groups and were replaced by Tamok Group. Only Pol Pot closed allies are chosen to replace old leaders.
Meas David cannot use the old court case between Sihanouk and Hor Nam Hong to intimidate others at all because Sihanouk was a leader of Khmer Rouge movement and Hor Nam Hong was a subordinate of that movement and Sihanouk was not in Paris to protect his defence and he has lacked of support for his affidavit.
I guarantee that this case will be dismiss at a first hearing and will be a counter-court proceeding straight way.

Anonymous said...

While the khmer rouge tribunal in Cambodia is still extisting, all case related to khmer rouge affairs will not be able to adjourne in any high court in any foreign country to complicate KHmer Rouge Triabunal in Cambodia. Therefore, Lawyer representing Hor Nam Hong should understand of this legal procedure. Before, he cannot sue anyone for misleading, misinformation, he must clear himself from Khmer Rouge Tribunal. Therefore he has to defence himself by resigning from his post for a full investigation from Khmer rouge Tribunal. Areak Prey

Anonymous said...

It is fair to say that Meas David is just a messenger, with a greedy and selfish mind (punt intended). The fact of the matter is that this kind of reaction from Namhong is indicative of the guilt and frustration he is showing to the world of his past crimes, which are now haunting him and his entourage.

Freedom of the press, freedom of thought is something we in democratic countries value and respect.

However,this whole saga could be a lesson for our so-called "leaders" to start internalising their past evil deeds and attempting to rectify their behaviour and conduct. They should also start applying the concept of social justice and human rights for Khmer people who are being victimised time and time again.

Let's hope there is something good will come out after all.


Anonymous said...

Dear 4:19AM,

I am glade we have people intelligent like you. This animal known as David Meas is a real ignorant and it is really a basdard.

Bong Heang, just let us know, we will help to fund your legal against these animals.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Mr. Attorney@Lawless David Meas, you just one of the dog sucking Hor Nam Hong dick don't even think about to threat Khmer on Cyberspace. Everyone have the right to express their opinions. If Ah Hor Nam (Youn) Hong not a criminal why have to scare? Bring his case to KRT will show the truth of this Viet Sucker Khmer blood for century and now even his dog dick sucker as you try to protect him by using your education threaten Khmer? you mother fucker go down David kiss my ass mother fucker.

Anonymous said...

I advice people should take this thread e-mail to the police of their country of residence so that their police can contack with their police interpole. It is a serious matter for e-mail thread to create fears to others. Areak Prey

Anonymous said...

Bravo to all comments! Amazing how an educated lawyer can even think he threaten a defamation lawsuit on a political cartoonist and blogger.

I've seen caricatures of Bush as Hitler and other evil dictators, but we all in the US understand that we have the right to express our opinions, so long as it doesn't go as far as threatening the life of any person.

I have no idea where this lawyer received his education and license but he just destroyed his credibility with emailing threats. I seriously agree that their ought to be a counter lawsuit to revoke his license. And perhaps receive some sort of monetary compensation for emotional distress and donate th funds to Cambodia in the name of David Meas:)

Anonymous said...

Dear 4:19am and all

I've read all the comments in here. I glad to see these comments, particularly the advice from Mr. 4:19am.

I personally admire Bong Bunheang. His caricature can draw attention from a foreing affaire minister and his idiot lawyer.

I hopefully could see Mr. Hong in the court of Khmer rough in Cambodia. As Mr. Areak Prey mentioned, he must clear himself before starting to do something else.

Mr. Hong is ex-khmer rough, used to hold a position as chief of prisoners during Khmer rouge regime. I think he fears of the KR tribunal. so, he tries to threaten any news or media that recited the truth about him.Sic!

Mr. Meas, I think you are reading my message. Please clarify me, why you change your wisdom? what benefit you get from Mr. Hong?
and how can you file a complaint?