Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A toon & a text from Cambodia :" Rubbish Bag "

It will take millions of tourists to clean up trashes and garage dumps in Cambodia, and this will never end unless Cambodian government (national and local authorities) is serious about the health and environmental issues.

People throw away trashes everywhere. It is out of control... billions of flies ...mosquitoes... and all kind of insects roam the whole country. You can find garbage dumps everywhere..On the streets, sidewalks, riverbanks, in the rivers, in the cities and well as near, underneath and/or behind hundreds of restaurants...

When it rains, these things would look like a nasty leftover spoiled bowl of soup and smell worse than raw sewage at "Lou Teuk S'aouy," the most stinky open sewer canal in Phnom Penh. When it dried out under the hot sun, you can see these things evaporate into the air that can choke you with its stench.

Then there is special garbage that need to be cleaned first and fast... the dumps which are in many Cambodian government officials' head, heart and mind...

Here they are (some of them) sitting next to my table in this Internet cafe... They are talking so loud, eating like pigs, wiping their nose, picking their teeth and throwing towel underneath their table. One of them is spitting just outside of the door.

How do you clean things up? From top to bottom or from the bottom to the top?

Have a good evening folks.


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Anonymous said...

i would clean things up from top to bottom.....