Thursday, March 13, 2008

Subject: [Cambodian Brighter Future] 3 Strategic Plans to Maintain Vietnamese Status Q...
By Khmer Young
We are grasped very well that Vietnam's attempt to swallow Cambodia has not yet retreated. Vietnam is using the politics of incorporation and economic capitalism to maintain its "status quo" in order to gain their original objective to achieve Indochina Federation, and to benefit their economic growth.Those Vietnam strategies are possibly through economic, armforce, and political structuring.1. Sok Kong
is Vietnamese by birth and he has never discarded his Vietnamese citizenship. His former name is Sau Cot. He was born in Dong Thap province.

He just turned back to Cambodia in early 1990s. What we are wondering about his business in Cambodia, the capital resource is not from Sok Kong himself, but his business capital possibly from Vietnamese government. Petroleum is the lucrative business of Sok Kong. Beside this there are various investments such as import, export, resort, hotels, and the concession of Angkor Wat etc. We do suspect that the profits that this company earned have not deposited in Cambodian bank, the budget possibly transfer to inject the economic growth of Vietnamese government. This just one example among other Vietnamese business tycoons who have not only invested to gain their profit but also to maintain "status quo" of Vietnamese aggression.

2. Hok Lundi

who has been noticed by many observers and Cambodian peoples as the Vietnamese in origin. He is playing the role of maintaining "status quo" through armforce in Cambodia. Beside this he facilitates the easiness for all illegal immigrants of Vietnam who are wishing to resettle in Cambodia. Many of those Vietnamese illegal immigrants possibly owned Cambodian citizen through Hok Lundi's supervising and network. We may not be aware that in Cambodia Hok Lundi is a very powerful and influential man to all ministers and governmental officers.

3. Om Yintieng *

and other group of advisers are the living political machine to maintain "status quo" to achieve their aggression intention. Critically, many good critics and concerns of foreign experts including Peter Libritch, Yash Gai etc are good for government to move in the right trajectory. But often those advisers reversely, adversely attacked those critics and turn Cambodia into their original purpose. Looking at the Hun Sen's activities, speech and national institution interferences etc are possibly the effort of distorting Cambodia to moving into democratic trajectory especially to have their own strong state structure.Those advisers are greatly achieving their mission to maintain Hun Sen in power for long lasting as he wishes. Election each time is just the soap opera to hide their original agenda, and to lie Cambodian people as well as international arena.However, the trend is moving forward, and it is not all bad. Those 3 Vietnamese fields in work have hardship as well to turn Cambodia into Vietnam. But their subtle mechanism and lacking of political will of Cambodian leaders can allow Cambodia to shrink and disappear eventually.Essentially, Vietnam is using their incorporative strategy to maintain their influence and to hide their original agenda from the world like that they are doing in Lao. Vietnam's "status quo" in Cambodia is very challenging to Cambodia in lay down our international relationship strategy.KY

* Om YinThieng was born in Khmer GP's family, who was his father ,Dr Om Yin and Vietnamese mother.
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