Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sacravatoons no 940 :" CPP's Culture "

In one of the many meetings in Takeo the local CPP members staged their own meetings a few hundreds feet to the left and a few hundred feet to the right of our meeting. They aimed both of their loud speakers at our function. Other times, they sent their village chief and their representatives to sit in with hundreds of our activists. The CPP hoped that they would intimidate the whole audience not to express their concerns against Cambodian government headed by the CPP. They were wrong. The cheering from our enthusiastic crowd were much louder and more cheerful than those few bunches of sour faced oppressors.

Non-CPP activists have to face all kinds of intimidation by the ruling party members both locally and nationally. However, I have seen the trend of courage among all people who have been victimized by such government's cruelties. They have no more fear... They demand nothing more than a fair chance to live with dignity, free from all kinds of oppression (internal and external) with an equal opportunity to earn a decent living.

Stop the intimidation, it will be backfired always.
By Virak
Observator from Camdisc

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