Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sacravatoons no 909 :" A big mouth Prince "

Prince Thomico who used to express his opinion without fear, said again that in its current evolution, Funcipec fell into a serious danger.During a meeting with reporters, Prince Thomico apologized in advance, saying that he did not want to talk too long about the Funcinpec issue, out of fear that he will hated even more.
Prince Thomico said the Funcinpec is, currently, in even more serious trouble, and there is little cure to this condition. He made this statement not because he saw the recent defection of Funcinpec spokesman: “I used to say, since long ago, that, if Funcinpec does not bring in reform to find the right formula, it will get worse.
But, at that time, when I spoke, they said that I had a big mouth, and they criticized and were angry with me also. But now, those who used to criticize me, those who used to be angry with me, they defected Funcinpec even before I do.”

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