Monday, January 21, 2008

Sacravatoons no 876 :" Dream for Darfur,2008 "


Anonymous said...

A Maha Guru to sacrava:
That is true the Chinese is the Master of Killing " Kong Fu Art, Killing Art in Cambodia,in Sudan and also 11 millions chinises people dies in the time of Révolution Culturelle 195O ...
Well, Mister China is still le maître de H.S.
Dalai Lama no welcome to Cambodia.
Is our Prime Minister Love China or
China Love Mister H.S ?
That is the question ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Lauk Bun Heang,
Thank you for your kind comments about the SRP Youth Movement as published on 13 January 2008.
Your views, which I have conveyed to the concerned SRP members, are a great encouragement for Khmer new generations.
Best wishes,
Sam Rainsy

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear S R
I will meet you on the first week of March O8
Thank about send your member to my niece 's wedding " Chan thoun " last Sunday 2O .O1 O8 .

The son of Maha Guru.

Anonymous said...

Confidence pour confidence:
H.S a dit:
Quand j'étais jeune,j'admirais les gens intelligents. Maintenant que je suis l'homme fort du pays,j'admire les gens corrompu.
De la part de Mono Vishnoukka
The first son of M Guru.

Sacrava said...

Dear Lauk Pratean Rainsy,
You had planned a beautiful young tree which will give a fresh shade
of happyness to Cambodia & its People.
With your noble acts you deserve the great crebility from Khmer Nation.
All the best to your Mighty Team & your Mighty young tree.

Best regards,
Bun H.Ung

Anonymous said...

It is very pleasing and encouraging to see Mr Sam Ransy interacting with the public through this medium. I hope other Khmer politicians would do the same in the name of democracy and peace for our beloved country.

Mr Sam Rainsy, I salute your courage, efforts and determination for a better Cambodia.


Anonymous said...

A Maha Guru to all Khmer Politicians:
As an anomymous said:
I hope other Khmer Politicians would do the same in the name of democracy and peace for our beloved country( Cambodia )
Well,I just tell you all the Khmer Politicians this story:
The Shepherd boy and the tiger:
Once there lived a shepherd boy in a village. Every day he used to rear his sheep in the forest. He wanted to play with the farmers, who were in the fields near by. So he shouted, " Tiger! tiger! please help ". On hearing the cry of the boy, the farmers ran to him. He simply laughed at them. Many times he repeated the same. One day a tiger came there really. The boy shouted " Tiger!tiger! please help ". The farmers thought that the boy was cheating as usual. So they kept quiet. The tiger killed the shepherd boy and his sheep. Then it ran away. the moral of this story : Don't cheat the Cambodian innocents peoples,by with your slogen . I love my country,I help my country !!! and so and so. But still in our Cambodia country,there are a lot of poor people,no the real justice,corruption...ect ...

Hope no violence in this time of election 27.O7.2OO8 in our country.

From: Mono vishnoukka ( the fisrt son of the Maha Guru )
Somewhere in this world.