Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sacravatoons no 868 :" Xmer-Town,Long Bitch "


Anonymous said...

A Maha Guru to sacrava boy:
KHMER-TOWN,at Long Bitch,is look like a MAHABHARATA 's story for Cambodian. Well, I am happy if our Civilisation Monument show it at foreign country,specialy at Uncle Sam 's country.Don't forget that nobody before think about it.
Why, you are not happy dear sacrava ?
Wait and see, I am not special again of all of Cambodian ( in power )try to built a Khmer - Town anywhere in this worl. I invite all the Cambodian who live in France to built also a Khmer-Town in France.That is a good idea.
Dear ,don't be like ARJUN ,would make up his mind each day that he would kill H.S but did not have the heart to kill his Big Brother YOUN-Hanoi.
With a lot of Amour.

Anonymous said...

La-Or Nass! Lok Heang.
I like this toon very much.
This toon is so meaningful.
Sithea San is a bitch.
She is a really bitch.
Richer San is a husband of the bitch.
So, they represent "Long Bitch", not Long Beach!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The Sans,

I can still smell Sok An's SHIT a cross the State.

Here are some nice extra strong and soft Charmin tissues. Wipe off your noses,you ass kissers.



pyralis said...

Very witty indeed. It's always nice to see someone who expresses it as it is!

Anonymous said...

I agree with this toon , As I'm one of khmer living outside Cambodia I'm really happy to see khmer town built But why need to invite those fuking minister be honour ? Well let's say SOK ACH is represent for Cambodia but as i know is he very bloody corruption in cambodia , Some idea that said we don't need to involve this with Cambodian government I agree because most of people in Cambodia is not under Government they are Cambodian-American and this khmer town built for khmer people not for Khmer government it should be run indenpendent ( without involve with political ) .

As example in Australia ( as i'm just immigranted to Australia about 3 years ) each state there is khmer association but what they do ? nothing , when we need help we seek it from australian solicitors or government services , and there is war among khmer association members because of politicals and power . I believe if khmer town in long beach involve with political specially with bad reputation governor sooner or later those will be war among that group .

This is just my own opinion , I'm not on any party .


Anonymous said...

....Because of their Greeds,they become blind,muet & deaf.
They do not see the suffering of Khmer People everyday who live under the oppression of Yuon's ruling party,CPP.
Their evolution from Human Beings to Monkeys of Uncle Ho.

Anonymous said...

Come on wake up khmer people , open ur eye , look at the back what did current government done? look at poor people in Cambodia ? Look at people that robbed land by power and high rank official that work under SOK ACH ? look at poverty line ? look at give up education of young khmer people in country side ? just compare SOK ACH life and family to one simple family in country side it thousand million lenght different .

Please be a khmer brain poeple :P