Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sacravatoons no 862 :" 29th Anniversary of Juanuary 7 th "


Anonymous said...

Maha Guru to dear sacrava boy:
7th January,correction.Sorry

That is true that our King NORODOM Sihamoni is under YOUN HANOI 's power. Well, no body from his royal family try to help him to get out from : A CHAK KRO POTT YOUN
SISOWATH ( or KOL ) Panara Sereyvuth is madade, Ranarith is handicap of politic, Thomico is between ( inside and out side from Sihanouk )Mchac bang Bopha Devi alias Poit is at royal dance,Chakrapong alias Tak is out of country,Poor Norindrapong alias Keuleu is die at Paris, SO and so,well where is the good NORODOM Sirivuth born on 8 june 1951, and without forget to name beautiful daughter of King father 's Arun Rasmey ... Who going to help who ?
That is the question !!!
Oh svay chanti reany oun eg si kerch Kong Kong.
A Flying kiss from me,dear lok bang Premier Ministre du Cambodge.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Sacrava:

I would like to send you two links of video from youtube.
Please take time to visit these two link; I hope to recieve feedback from you.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your sending two links of Video from Youtube.
I think it's unbelieble if this happen will be in our Khmer Stone City.
May Lord Buddha bless us all.

Bun H.