Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sacravatoons no 860 :" A Films by Xihanuk "


Never forget said...

Bravo !!!! Mr. Bunheang !!!!!!
This is exactly my feeling of this MONSTER !!!!!!! who killed his own people....destroyed his own country....for his own personal ambition.Para jay ah sdach moha kbot chheath....go to Hell.

Anonymous said...

To , never forget :
If the King is a killer,so the POL POT is a sauveur of his country,or Lon Nol is a American's Monkey.And Lok HUN SEN is a Khmer GOD ?
You have a little braind dear Never forget.
Without King NORODOM Sihanouk,our cambodia become as soon Cambonam or Cambosiamland.
Well, the cartoonist have a free expression. NO NA KBOT CHHEATH ?
Saykal.( in Hindi )

Anonymous said...


“sauveur” is English word or French word? I think “sauveur” is French word. The modern language, which combines English and French, is extremely innovative.
Are you a best friend with SKM? Because the way you talk, it sounds like SKM. Never mind; I’m just checking!

Anonymous said...

Some opinions have still believed that Sihanouk is very important for peace process; progress and everything for Cambodia’s future, and some Khmers still think that ex-king is the incarnation of an angel who has charisma and incomparable power to save Cambodia. Some Khmers who believe blindly without looking for the truth of political issues make Cambodia problem remains insolvable.

Anonymous said...

Some believe Sihanouk is a Semi-God,who had f...his own aunties and involved with the death 2.5 millions lives of khmer innocents.
Sihanouk thinks Cambodia is him and
he's Cambodia.This ex King has no regrette what he've done to Cambodia & its People.
He blames Lon Nol for everything that Cambodia is in ruine.

Anonymous said...

DEar Anonymous : you talk about Saykal and SKM( who is SKM ? )
Well,that is the first time I come over here, I do like the cartoonist and its works.
Sorry if you wanted to know me, please go
and look at Khmer in Europe.
I have seen many photo of LOK UNG BUN HEANG when he was a young boy a handsome boy. I am very glad that to know that now he is the best Cartoonist of Cambodia. But I did anything wrong than He would not write to,hope one day he will change. A friend is a friend,but a brother is a brother,they can never be separe from ONE.
Dear Anomymous, please reply me back if you know me very well.
Saykal ( in Hindi )
From: TRO PEANG PIEY ( in Khmer )
Some where in this little world.
Best luck to you dear Anomymous
and Happy New Year 2OO8
Thanks to the Great U.B.H

pyralis said...

Mr. Bunheang, you are a very amazing individual. You have my utmost respect.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."-George Orwell