Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sacravatonns :" Monkey's Prediction "

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A Moha Guru to sacrava boy:

The Khmer carpenters,masons and other workers were doing the work of the building a temple on the hill outside the village. They were very busy in their work. The carpenters were cutting the big log of the wood with their saws.
There was a big tree and many monkeys were there watching the work of the carpenters.
In the afternoon the carpenters and all others stopped their work and went to take their lunch. They left their saw in the wood,half cut. When all of them went away the monkeys climbed down from the tree and began to copy out the carpenters.One naughty monkey tried his best to take out the saw from the wood,half cut. While doing so he got his tail entangled in the wood. He began to whoop. The other monkeys frightened and ran away.
When the carpenters came they made him free .But is tail was cut.
A naughty monkey learnt the lesson that without knowledge he should not touch any instrument. Like Samdech Well Xim ,should not said before election,that CCP,will have more than
without knowledge he should not speak any Prediction about the election on the 27 July 2OO8.
From: somewhere in this world.