Friday, December 28, 2007

sacravatoons no 851 : " Cambodia 2008 "

Another Hypocrite Monarchy Bites Own Ass: Nepal toAbolish MonarchyNote: Cambodia monarchy is next. Cambodia's Sihanoukremains the Killing Fields King of terror which he personallyengineered since 1965? After 1993,this idiotic person was reinstated toextend his tyrannical reign over people on top of his own familyenemy, Yuon, subjugation. Recently he did indeed endorse Nam Tien'sexpansion illegal treaty from the 80's to allow Viet Minh/VietCong lackey to accept Yuon's newly drawn borderline. Enough for thetraitor's one lifetime, let's abolish Cambodia's last Siameseouthouse lackey monarchy, and embellish the real Khmer PluralistDemocracy. This is an example for real democracy in action in the name ofreal owners of Nepal. Cambodia shall watch and learn from this rarelyexample. December 24, 2007 . Nepal's major political partieshave agreed to abolish the world's last Hindu monarchy as part of adeal to bring former Communist rebels back into the government, theone-time insurgents said Monday.No timetable has been set for the Communists to rejointhe government.The deal, signed Sunday, sets the stage for Nepal'stransition to a full republic less than two years after the country'sking was forced to cede his near dictatorial powers after weeks ofunrest.The Communists, who are known as Maoists, ended theirdecade-long rebellion last year and later joined the country'sinterim government. But they withdrew in September, demandingthe monarchy be immediately abolished. The move plunged Nepal into apolitical crisis and threatened its transition to democracy.On Monday, the former rebels were buoyant over thedeal to bring them back into the fold.The deal stipulates the monarchy will be eliminatedonce a special assembly charged with rewriting the nation'sconstitution is elected. The vote had been delayed indefinitely by the Maoists'withdrawal from the government, and officials now say they wantto hold it in the first half of 2008. "Now nothing else there needs to be done," Prachanda,the Maoist leader, who uses only one name, told reporters. "Thereis no monarchy left in the country." The current monarch, King Gyanendra, heads a dynastythat dates to 1769, when a regional ruler led an army down from thehills and conquered the ancient city of Katmandu. He establisheda line of kings that have been traditionally consideredreincarnations of the Hindu god Vishnu. But Gyanendra, the 12th Shah Dynasty monarch, hasnever enjoyed the popularity of his predecessors and Sunday's deal toeliminate the throne was received largely with indifference inKatmandu. "Before, kings were part of people's heart," said MataPasad Risal, 60, a retired government official. "Now people haveturned against him. The king has lost his position and popularity; itwill be best for him to leave the palace."Gyanendra came to the throne in 2001 after a palacemassacre in which the crown prince reportedly gunned down Gyanendra'solder brother, the late King Birendra, and much of the royal familybefore killing himself. The murders helped pierce the mystiquesurrounding Nepal's royalty.Four years later, Gyanendra dismissed Nepal'sparliament and seized total power, saying he would bring order to a chaoticpolitical scene and quell the Maoist insurgency. But the insurgency worsened, the economy faltered andGyanendra used heavy-handed tactics to silence opposition, jailingand banning criticism of himself, his government and the army. The result was weeks of unrest in April 2006 thatended with Gyanendra restoring the parliament. He has since beenstripped of his powers, command over the army and his immunity fromprosecution.But that wasn't enough for the Maoists, who haveconsistently pushed for the elimination of the monarchy.From The Associated Press


Anonymous said...

A Maha Guru to Sacrava Boy :
Nepal is not Cambodia, and Cambodian is not Nepali.
If our country becomme Republic, we have no more Cambodia.
Well, I am so sorry to say that: Our King no power Norodom Sihamoni,live under Viet power, even Lok Hun Sen try to get out from the V-N , he know that he will be no more at this eart.
Wait and see, another two year more. Our Cambodia will change it. wait dear friend,take some passion in the life. I am sur, that a lot of Khmer neak cheat niyom will be there,in the next two more year.
I have toll you,in the 1970 that our country will enter in civil war,that Lok Ta Samdech chhun nat,die by poison.I have said that to a lot of people at Paris,about this story, but no one believe me.
In the year of 1973.
Well, I wish you all the best luck and good health for 2OO8.
See,you soon,over here
if Lok sacrava don't mind.
With a lot of love to all Cambodian people in this earth,specialy to all poor cambodian who live in our Poor Country. Please help them, oh rich people who live out of Cambodia.
From: A Maha Guru
tôchak kroyen

radical royalist said...

Nepali politicians gave in to blackmail of the Maoists. The Maoists killed 13,000 people. During the demonstrations against the King loyal forces killed 16 people. I agree, 16 people too many, but the real killers will not restrict themselves to powersharing. They want the whole power: First the King has to go, then the other politicians who didn't have the gutts to resist the Maoists. His Majesty King Gyanendra had more courage than all the party politicians together. And that's why there will be no referendum. The people will not be asked if they want the Monarchy, because all those politicians know that should that question be asked - the King would show that a huge majrotiy of the people back him.
Long live THE KING!!!

sopheaktr said...

I really do not agree with your idea. Cambodia is just Cambodia and Nepal is yet another country. I am normally notice that most Cambodian people hate the current PM, Hun Sen and yes, those people will also hate the most anyone who has relation with the PM,.
King Sihanouk was just a case and yet Sihamoni is another case,. Once you hate Sihanouk please you cannot assume Sihamoni. I am not a royalist supporter but I support good people,. I don't see any different between a Monarchy state and the one socalled Republic you trying to have,. Why not just trying to help improve our current state,. The real socalled democracy is not depend on Communism, Monarchy, nor Republic,.
Long Live Cambodia,.

Anonymous said...

A Maha Guru to dear Sopheaktr :
Well done " Bravo "
Well, I agree with you , sorry to say that King NORODOM Sihamoni have no power. And in the time of his papa( like he call his father ) NORODOM Sihanouk have a great power. That is the different.

My Pitayi know the father of N.S and N.S very well.
The GREAT VARMAN N.Sihanouk is a great King of innocent Cambodian people.
The people who have the grain ,they do not like him.
OK see next time.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all in this world. To Nepali people also.