Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sacravatoons no 843 :" My real Demonstration "


Anonymous said...

What the hell are you doing?


Anonymous said...

Since this we certaintly knew how bad the police doing against monks in only peacefull demonstration. They should not be represents as National Police. We realy hope that someday it will be have the people power in this country.

This is the rule of powers not the rule of laws.

We appeal to all historian to record the worse performance of current leaders toward lovely Cambodian people.

Independent Ajax.

Anonymous said...

i've seen this cartoon on newspaper that is really cool!!!
keep up with you work!!!

Anonymous said...

The Maha Guru to sacrava boy:
I have visit our birth home country for more than 5O days, the cambodia is going to be modern,but a lot of cambodian's people are very poor. Please change it as soon ,if you know how to built to country,now in Phnom Penh, Golden tower 42 is going to built this year. So please built some home for our poor cambodian 's people ,who live on the road.Thanks to Mr Premier Ministre Hun Sen and compagny.
The fist son of Maha Guru.
back home.