Thursday, October 11, 2007

sacravatoons no 800 :" King's Lizard "

In the Kingdom of Cambodia there are so many Ministers who have
no remark,and also the Kingdom has honor to having
only one Cambodiann-Ambassador who has no embassy but we can contact
his Exce-Lann-cy as address in the toon.Thanks.

Bun H.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you learn to write English first before you insult other people that have been very helpful to Cambodia your bloody asshole!

Anonymous said...

I have known Ambassador Julio for many years and he is a loyal friend of Cambodia, you do a great disservice by insulting him in your cartoons.

Oum Sopheak
Khmer Student in Sydney

Anonymous said...

That so-called Ambassador is nothing more than a private servant of Sihanouk Yuon's slave!
And 6:14 PM, we can see that you enjoy your freedom of expression too, right? And very very much so, we may add...

Anonymous said...

A Maha Guru to all anonymous :
Dear friend and brother who live in the world or in our poor country Cambodia beloved, The pencil of a cartoonist just like a song in the air,some people like it,but other don't like it. Well, you say that the cartoonist have freedom in Sydney or anywhere in this bloody world.Think it first than write your ( bloody commentary ) over here. Bun heang is a cartoonist, a singer sing a song, and I am a writer write the story, if you don't like it stay away please.OPEN YOUR EYE, AND YOU CRY AND DON'T SAY : BLOODY WORD.
Mono visnoukka ( the first son of Maha Guru )vélo,fr.

Anonymous said...

Mr./Ms. Oum Sopheak,

It's all a matter of opinion and under the freedom of expression, we agree to disagree.

Under the circumstances, we wish we had a million more friends like Mr. Scarava.

One Khmer overseas