Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hanoi-Hilton Hotel

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Anonymous said...

To sacrava boy:
This cartoon,make remmeber an old Khmer story:
Youn-Hanaoi the Monkey
The cat are the Khmer.
One day a cat went out insearch of food. It saw a cake in the a house. It took the cake and ran away to a lonely place. When it began to eat the cake,another cat came there. Both the cats were quarrelling over the cake. At that time a Monkey came there. The two cats asked the monkey, to share the cake equally among themselves. The Monkey cut the cake. It found that one bit was bigger than the other. So it ate a bit of cake from the bigger one. Thus the Monkey repeated the same action many times and ate the whole cake. At last the cats got nothing.
By Shabbira boy.