Friday, August 17, 2007

Great Fighters


Anonymous said...

Eh! dumb-asses royal can you guys
see that yuons are here in Khmer's
homes to stay? when can you guys stop
your hard dicks fucking each other ass-holes and try to save Khmer's country.Be the real heroes for us Khmer not for Hun Sen and Bun Rany.

Anonymous said...

Svakom Bang phaaum Khmer of this world.
Sousdey Pryamitre of Cambodia:
" According to a cambodian proverb,they use to say : That is enough where upon a single man hated to another, so that hatred seizes Man by Man of whole humanity "
Why Khmer Kham Khmer ?
I have one slogan: Khmer trang. Khmer legnok. Khmer slam.
Youn vich, Youn chlad, Youn ros.
If anybody, have an opinion or some question about my slogan,please write over here.
Stop to : Khmer Kham Khmer,any more please.
Som sok sabay chea nic Lok Neak deek noom cheat,kom samlab Khmer .
from: shabbira boy