Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tales of two countries


Anonymous said...

Thailand crabed land from the west.
Vietnam crabed land from the east.
Chinese got off Pochentong with $ in suitcase crabed whole Phnom Penh city,No one give a f-ck.
Go a head burn some more SAM/GUN in stock.

Anonymous said...

A Maha Guru to sacrava's Boy ,and to A6 beloved.
Thank for your comment over here.
Thailand was the Cambodia's territory in the pass time.The south Vietnam also was the Cambodia's territory.And today,we Khmer just have some peace,people try to survive from 3O year of civil war.Again and again,the Thai,still wanted our territory,like you said: "Thailand crabed land from the west.Vietnam crabed land from the east".
And no one Khmer have give a single comment over here,that is the shame for Khmer ,who said I love my country,I love Cambodia,that only on the lip.