Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hello! Anyone Home?

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A Maha Guru to sacrava boy :

HUN SEN fleurs du mal of Cambodia

For me, the saddest spot in the case of " Humain Right " in Cambodia is the inverted in the " Le Livre d'Or " at the " Le musée de Tuol Sleng" there is the important centre of the detention more than 2O.OOO peoples have died,guiltless persons. ... jutting up with the names in the pass time. And now, a lot persons,who was a Opponent, a journalist, a singer girl or other thousand of thousand innocent people ect...ect... dieds in New Cambodia. That their leaders already knew could be won. So many died because the Cambodian gouverment don't have the real " Humain right " politics in Cambodia.Hun Sen administration finds itself at that same hour of shame. It know the surge is not working. The democracy is not jelling realy,as Cambodians lawmarkers all are doing corruption. Well, Sir YASH Ghai (from India) have already no illusion on this matter( U.N. reporter ).Our Cambodia without the slogans,cambodia is a nation ful of enormous potential,but it needs to fix some crucial problemes.

" They used to say the boats were made of stick and the men were made of steel. That is how it is anymore "