Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Convalescence, Hun Xen


Khmer said...

That's when his future going to be. As soon as the Vietnamese has full control of Kampuchea and more Vietnamese people move in to Cambodia and settle all over the country, not only Huon Xen but his followers also
face the same situation,"extinction".

Anonymous said...

Please wake up Samdach Hun Xen! YOUN is very greedy. YOUN was a small part of China called AH NAM, later on YOUN invaded CHAMPHA, after CHAMPHA, YOUN invaded MONGTAHNAT, after MONGTAHNAT, YOUN invaded KAMPUCHEA KROM, after KAMPUCHEA KROM, YOUN invaded LAOS and now YOUN starts invading THE KINGDOM OF CAMBODIA. So YOUN will be the king of INDOCHINA if you don't wake up by now.