Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yuon-Hanoi's Factory


Anonymous said...

A Ma Gu to sacrava's boy!
Mr Premier Youn slave Hun Sen,allow to kill Khmer Monk,because he wanted to be Premier Minister Of Cambodia, even their kill his own father,mother, he don't care.Hun Sen is Frère n° 3 of Khmer Rouge ( Red Cambodian ).One day Youn will swallow our Cambodia ,if we are all Khmer nothing doing,Bravo Mr Bun Heang for your cartoon.
By Khmer neak cheatniyoum .

Anonymous said...

I am just a new guy born in 1980 i just want to know why nobody dare to do like in Iraq for Yun slavery HunSen PPl in Cambodia die alot by this guy why only 1 pp sacrify to die with dog guy HunSen then nomore worry about Yuon again!