Monday, April 16, 2007

A Thumbs up from Mya


Anonymous said...

Well done Bun Heang!

Now you have achieved your goal. You use whatever means to gain your plolitical game, let alone your very innocent grand child. You must be very happy sensible grand dad as you have one more member in your family to use for whatever it suit you.

Remain anonymous

Anonymous said...

A Ma Gu , To
Dearest Ung Bun Heang
Congratulation,a very beautiful baby,now you are a Berépitaji,Ouvpouk thom,grand papa,grand-père ect...
I wish a lot of love from me, even you displeased me. May Bouddha bless him,give him a good health,good luck.

bye,aurevoir,namesté,sok sabay,