Monday, April 02, 2007

NEC Commune Election 2007


Anonymous said...

A MAHA GURU to dear Sacrava:
Your cartoon about a Cambodia's fruit tree take so many root( red,yelow,green,bleu and saffron's colour) like an artist couloured people, but our Cambodia's fruit tree give only the bad fruit.May be our people have no the real courage ? May be they are afraid of H S and company. May be they are not educate ,after four decate put them in the chains of afraid.
" What is the greatest wealth,for an individual ,"
" What,when well practiced,brings happiness?"
" What is the sweetest of tastes ?"
By Bicycle,France.
P.S.Sacrava you a great artist.I was worry that I not find any of your cartoon since a week,in the sacraca toons.but I know about this wait now. You are very smart.

sacravatoons said...

Dear Moha Guru,
Sometime I have work to pay the bills even we're living in a Free Country like Australia.
I do not having 10 houses like someone who I knew for longtime.
He told me that he is more than a friend ----> a family ?
He is rotten twister,a losser who never married and he'll bring 10 houses with him when he died.
I wait and see it.
He wanted to come to Australia to stay in my hut,a refugee shelter, for 2 months to use me to draw something for him and he feel like that he's my family.
One thing this guy is very insane that he told me his MAMA,a beautiful lady,wasn't his real mother...How on earth he did say that ?
My late mother told me that this guy is " Ar Koun Romil Kun Mddai".
My mother told me that she was the Widwife who deliveried him from her two hands at her clinic.
I wish you know him ,pls tell him that he's not longer welcome to my family....I do not having an evil guy like him in my family.
There is must be a reason for him to twist his life.Who know ?

Bun H.