Saturday, April 28, 2007

Internal Affair


Khmer said...

Yes sir, he forgot his native blood, I think he should go to hell.Anyway,
he works his way toward hell, all Khmer don't need this irresponsible
individual official. Oops! I think they're all like that. Please remember that Kampuchea Krom, Kampuchea kandal and Kampuchea Leu in the end will re-joint as one happy country.

Khmer said...

Long time plan to swallow the Kingdom of Kampuchea is working for the Vietnamese. Don't have to have a rocket scientist to figure that out to see a whole pattern. Vietnamese forces ousted the Khmer Rouge in 1979 then installed their puppet Hun Sen who had very little education to understand the world politics and let him runs over his own people under their direction group by group until Khmer no longer can challenge the government
then Vietnam begins to push more and more of its people from the North to settle in the Kingdom of
Cambodia. Sooner Vietnam population
will grow faster than the land owner, and then they can do whatever they want. With money in their throats and guns behind their heads, the Cambodian officials see
no light but to follow orders from
their boss. As all of us can see,
one official name Heng Samrin who happens to do just that, rejects the request of his own blood saying that Kampuchea Krom is not Khmer's
issues. This is pure stupidity, no patriotism and has no remorse for his own people. Kampuchea Krom is
our land (Khmer's land), how dare
you to say that Kampuchea Krom is Vietnam's internal affair.Remember,
all Khmer, stand up and fight for
our causes.