Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Horrifying Period

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This is not a toon about the War or Terrorism....

But it's a terrifying period that we are all human beings were went through in our life.

The September 11 was causing 3,020 deaths.

Uncle Sam called it :" Terrorism inside Uncle Sam's land "

But in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam Uncle Sam's bombs of B52 were causing more than 2 Million lives (?)

I like to see how American's feeling if they were in the shoes of those civilians Khmer,Laotian and Viet through the Terrifying period for many years ? not only one Tuesday when they went through it !

They cried for their love one...but they never understand the loss of those people whom are not American.....One of my question : Are we equal to having rights to live as a Human Beings ? .........or " The Strongest argue best,and always win " as Fontain said in his famous fable.

PS : Those toons are extracted from my project Toon-Book :" Greed, Power and Karma "


Anonymous said...

Don't blame America shithead, blame the communist instead .America was trying to help cambodia,laos,and south vietnam from being swallowed by Communists.Remember America can do only so much to help.

Sacravatoons said...

It's not about the blaming but the feeling of Uncle Sam's people who was scaring and terrifying only One
Tuesday .......instead of many years under the Bomb 52 which were causing let alone in Cambodia 600,000 Khmer Civilian lives.
....Now Uncle Sam repeats again in Iraq .....Saddam ,Democracy ,mass weapon destructions or OIL ?
Once Uncle Sam will leave Iraq...
There are 22 different Iraquis groups liked butchers Khmer Rouges of Cambodia and then the world will having an another new Trial to bring those war crimes to justice just like Cambodia,Khmer Rouge Trial Court ?
To be fair to the victims of war,

Uncle Sam should bring Dr Henry Kissinger who was the Architect of B52 bombs,War crime against humanity, to the Khmer Rouge Court.
I trust & believe in American Value of Justice.American is number One.Pls act one as a real World's Model to against the War Criminals...not only Khmer Rouge,a little evil Hyena.
The Bombing of Cambodia,William Showcross :" American policy in those years toward Cambodia help created the condition...perhaps the only condition to help Khmer Rouge to Power !".

Bun Heang Ung

Meta said...

I might miss sth but when is your book scheduled to be in bookstore?