Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Royal Words and Its Saliva


A6 said...

Chhkae kontuy khvien vea nov tae khvien.

Anonymous said...

The great words of Samdech Choun Nath:

All Khmers, please remember the root and history of our great country
Our boundary was wide and well known
Others always thought highly of our race
And always placed our race as the elders.

We have great heritage and culture
Which has spread far and wide in the Far East.
Religion, arts and education,
Music, philosophy and strategies are all that we have spread.

All Khmers, please remember our roots and history
Which speaks of the grandeur of our great race
Make up your mind and body and try hard to rebuild
In order to lift the value of our nation
To once again rise to the greatness that we once had.

Anonymous said...

Xihanuk is just a crazy king. He has always betrayed his words, betrayed his followers, betrayed every body, but he has completed of 100% of job tasks put down by his superiors Yuon Hanoi from the beginning of 1940s till today.
Go to the hell crazy king Xihanuk!!!
Att Ong.

AnythingAtAll said...

It seems some people do not like the King father...


AnythingAtAll said...

hi Sacrava Toons:
I got question. I saw your cartoons on Ki-Media all the time. I think you don't mind people putting your cartoond in their blogs or websites. Do you? If you don't mind, could I put your cartoons in my blog too?



Sacravatoons said...

Dear Anything At All,
Not at All.The pleasure is mine.
Pls post its into your blog or websites.
It's a free toon that I draw everyday for Cambodia & Its people.

Bun H.Ung

Anonymous said...

This is another tasteless fro a narrow-minded person. When you criticise other, especially on him, it is not really make you better than him. One khmer proverb said that "When you Che (scholding), it projects that you are "Ort Pouch" (can can translate that).

Cao baby!

Anonymous said...

Go visit my blog:


always khmer!

Anonymous said...

Sihanouk is a heartless person, unpredictable and unstable emotional mind. His nature is governed by his desires and to satisfy them he will accept any challenge without reckoning the consequences. He has never truly conducted himself as a good leader.
Sihanouk destroyed Cambodia by cooperated by secretly allowing the Vietcong to have
sanctuaries on the Khmer soil in the provinces along the Khmer-Vietnamese borders such as Svay Rieng, Kompong Cham, Ratanakiri, Takoe, mondolkiri, etc. He is a main leader who betrays his own country.