Thursday, February 22, 2007

Xihanuk is haunted


Anonymous said...

WOWwwwwwwwwwwwwww, this is just a great toon!!. It's showing in full meaning of the truth.
Bye bye Sadatt Ta!!

A6 said...

Adios Somdach Ov (somdov ach).

Anonymous said...

I tried to make out what is sdach ta is holding. Voodoo dolls and poking needles into those dolls. He is ridiculously superstitious!!

Great toon !


sacravatoons said...

There are only two people Sdech Ta hate most: Lauk ta Lon Nol &
Prince Sisowath Sirimatak.
He's cursing them every time in his writing.

Anonymous said...

I think that all caused by Sihanouk because Cambodia economic down at the late year 1969.
Sihanouk could not save it and created Roathafibal srauj srong' jeat in 1969 but no utility because Sihanouk helped Youns vietcong-Youn xang jeung to destroy Cambodia since 1960 until now. What Traitor Sihanouk!!

Anonymous said...

From my understanding, Cambodia society for this 50 years++ is in the following context:
CHOR LOUCH KO KHLAY CHEA MCHASS KO, AND MCHASS KO KHLAY CHEA CHO LOURCH KO (A cow owner became a thief, and a thief became a cow owner).
In the same regard, Xihanouk is just a Traitor to Cambodia, but he launched himself as the patriot, and those people who did not follow his shit YUON policy, they had been treated as a Traitor instead.
As Lauk Bun Heang often wrote in his toons that
against Xihanuk was against Cambodia, and
against Cambodia was against Xihanuk
even Xihanuk was not Cambodia.
My god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bastard King!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Att Ong.

Anonymous said...

Sihanouk is a kind of person who is selfish, hypocrite and contemptuous of what is right or honorable. When challenged, he fights literally to the death. That why he hates Lon Nol and Prince Sisowath Sirimatak who organize the political demonstrations against the Vietcongs who stayed in Cambodia with Sihanouk’s permission.

Anonymous said...

The tender quality of mercy and the way of compromise is not in Xihanuk’s brain. For his throne and power, Xihanuk agreed to provide arms to the Vietcong to kill his own people. We cannot accept this kind of person to be a father of the nation.

Anonymous said...

For Sihanouk, Saving himself and The Monarchy Is More Important Than Saving Cambodia.
Recently, Sihanouk claimed that he cannot return to Cambodia because the Hun Sen government is endorsing the unequal Treaty Supplements that Vietnam had imposed on Cambodia.

Realistically, let us look at the facts concerning this very crucial event in contemporary history of Cambodia. The supplements are the additions made to the unequal treaties of 1983 and 1985.

In these two treaties imposed by Vietnam on Cambodia when Vietnam was occupying the country, Marie Alexandrine Martin, the famed French Ethnologist specialized on Cambodia, who wrote a book entitled "Cambodia: A Shattered Society (University California, Berkley, 1994)" revealed that in addition to these treaties which literally made Cambodia an integral part of the Greater Vietnam as Ho Chi Minh's had dreamt, known as "the Federation of Indochina," the then Communist Government of Cambodia, also had sent directives to Cambodian provincial officials to facilitate the settlement of new Vietnamese colonizers.