Sunday, February 11, 2007

Iraq, Cambodia, and its people

Dear Uncle Sam,

Why did you lose your war in Iraq ?

Because of your Greed and make you invade Iraq....Democracy or Oil ?

And now you realise you can't win the War and you will leave the innocent Iraqis people that just the way you left Cambodia & its people to communist Youn,Chen & butchers Khmer-Rouge.....after all, 2 million Khmers died in be a good guy you're back with your money to create the Khmer Rouge Tribunal court.....what else you get from that trial ?...a fake Justice to blame the brutality Khmer Rouge...once your B52 bomb had make them insane & be not the human being.

In Iraq, you make a mess and you want to leave like the situation in Cambodia....Hey,Iraqis people help yourself,good bye !

Is it the policy of Uncle Sam toward the world just like that ?

Bun H. Ung

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