Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome to the Khmer-Rouge's Trial

This was my view that I had drawn in May 8,2003 on Khmer-Rouge's Trial.

I strongly believe that the JUSTICE on KHMER-ROUGE's Trial never be served under Hun Sen & its CPP's ruling in Cambodia.

The Justice has to wait for the right place & right time....

I'm sure the Baraing-Academics like Ben Kiernan will be the first guy who would screw down on Hun Sen & its CPP's crime against Cambodia & its people.

Once....... Ben Kiernan had U turned from Pro-Pol Pot to Hun Sen of Youn Hanoi.

In this cruel world we have only a few GOOD MEN who serve their principle.

Bun H. Ung
a Khmer-Politik's observer since 1970

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Andy said...

Dear Bun, I hope you read this.
can you send me an email please as I need to contact you - i don't think your old email is working.
many thanks,
Andy Brouwer