Monday, January 15, 2007

The two disctators' talking


Anonymous said...

I love the way you expressed
both leaders celebrating the
hanging of the Khmer Krom
Leftwingers and troublemakers.

Thanks for your contribution to
Khmer Society.

Chey Yo, SomDach HunSen!
Chey Yo, Excellency Soe Win!
Long Live Cambodia!

And death to all Leftwingers and

Anonymous said...

No argument from any khmer basher

I guess they must all be hiding in
their rat's hole as usual. Mua
ha ha ha ....

Anonymous said...

Wow, very quiet and creepy here.
It is like gosh town. However,
there is nothing mysterious
about this type of websites.

Who in their right mind will want
to visit the troublemakers site
who try to destroy what left of
Cambodia? I can only see the
Khmer Krom leftwinger activists
will be interested in these type
of junks.

However, unfortunately for them,
we know exactly what they are up
to. Mua ha ha ha ha ....