Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Royal in Law's Thug


Anonymous said...

He looks bit old.
We are living in Cambodia, but we don't know clearly on Vandy's background.
Can you post Vandy's profile in your site.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sromol,

I don't know how old Khek Vandy is, but I think he is probably around late 70 years old. Khek Vandy used to have conflict with Sihanouk, not politics, but his love life with Monique. Monique was his lover before Sihanouk took her away from him. Khek Vandy was very upset. He lost his beautiful girl to the prince. In order to deflame his anger, he went on to marry Bopha Devy, the daughter of Sihanouk.

2:59 AM
At the top it's not my comment on the old man Khek Vandy.
I will do more details of him when I've more information from our Elderly Khmer-Elites whom
were hight rangking officer during Sangkum Reatr Nyum of Sihanouk.THanks.
Bun Heang Ung

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Bun,
Thank you so much for your hard-works in collecting and sharing all useful informations to our fellow Cambodians here.
Your respecful,