Saturday, January 27, 2007

Announcing the arrival of Doggy's Tales

Next week we'll be proud to present a new series of a Doggy's tales.

Hope you all enjoy it.

It is a real event of Khmer-History from Sangkum Doggy-Yum ...til now 2007.


Sacravatoons Team


Anonymous said...

That's good. Young boys n girls wait and see the great past story of our [Condom of Cambodia].
From me, Sromol
Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sromol,
It's my pleasure to share my experiences as an Khmer-Politik's observer since 1970.
The knowledgement which Lord Buddha called: "Puthis" is an awakening message for us,Khmers, to learn more
our real we are not going to let our Leaders to repeat their crime acts against Cambodia & its People.
Because of their GREED,POWER,STUPIDITY and their INSANITY POLITIC were causing unlimited suffering to Khmer-People.
How is sad that Khmer-Politichiens ever leran from the history.
Pee Khgnom Bun H.