Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"What's wrong with RFA ?"......Sok Serei's accident ?

Dear All,

As a Khmer Politic-Observer....I had doubted on Lauk Sok Serei, RFA's correspondent......case ????

Since the accident was occurred on the December 13.....We just wondered why & how we didn't hear any news of this accident is broadcasted by RFA.....???????????????any secret deal in this conspiracy in this accident ?

We had it from posting of KI-BLOGSPOT.COM where relayed from REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS (www.rsf.org) .

Lord Kem Sos ,the boss of RFA, Khmer Broadcasting,has to explain it.
RFA has a very important role to play with the FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY in Cambodia....but it's so sad that 70 % of Khmer team of RFA are the CPP & Youn Hanoi's tool........Som Borin is in charge of affairs & Maya Rith is second man in this networks and Kem Sos is a very old Lord-Dinasour.

American is blind & naive to spend its own taxpayers to feed those communist tools.....That's wonder they loss its in Vietnam & recently in Iraq......I do not understand why they are so blind or maybe its news policy to ally with its old enemy, Youn-Hanoi.

Do something Khmer-Americans !!!! to stop those worms before it's too late.

Bun H.

Friday, December 15, 2006
RFA's Sok Serei in coma after suspicious road accident


Cambodia : Radio Free Asia correspondent in coma after suspicious road accident

Reporters Without Borders (RSF.org)

Reporters Without Borders today called for a thorough and impartial investigation into a traffic accident in which Sok Serei, one of the Cambodia correspondents of Radio Free Asia’s Khmer-language service, was knocked off his motorcycle and seriously injured in Phnom Penh on the evening of 13 December.

“As there are witnesses who say a vehicle deliberately struck Sok Serei’s motorcycle, it would seem the authorities should urgently explore all leads and try to identify the vehicle involved as quickly as possible,” the press freedom organisation said. “If nothing is done, the entire journalistic community in Cambodia could feel threatened.”

At least four Cambodian journalists have received death threats this year because of their reporting on corruption.

Sok Serei was hit by a 4WD vehicle in the centre of Phnom Penh. Some witnesses said he was struck from behind. Others said the driver opened the door of his vehicle in order to knock Sok Serei off his motorcycle. Sok Serei hit his head hard against the ground in the fall which left him in a coma over night. He continues to receive hospital treatment.

Sok Serei is known for his investigative reports into allegations of corruption by government officials, which were broadcast by Radio Free Asia.

Radio Free Asia’s correspondent in northeastern Cambodia, Sok Rattha (who is better known by the pseudonym of Rattha Visal), was meanwhile threatened by the governor of Rattanakiri province at the end of last month. “He told me he wanted to wanted to verify reports before they were broadcast,” he said.

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Blog By Khmer said...

RFA was trying to cover up (hiding) the incident.