Monday, October 09, 2006

My 29th anniversary wedding

Yesterday it was my 29th anniversary wedding........October 5 1977 we've got married under ruling of Khmer Rouge. We were walking to the wedding ceremony where was helped at Kompong Trea hamlet, Tonle Toch, Prey Veng.

I still remembered my wedding lunch menu : Kor Sach Chrourk and Treap Bay for a sweet.

...........We didn't having any sweet honey moon days like the couples of the old people.

.......Today, 29 yrs ago a day after our revolutionary wedding we, the new people from the City had been ordered to work as normal that I called it : " Honey Sun Day "


Bun H.


Anonymous said...

May I share with you, Mr. Sacrava, the pains and sufferings of the past while wishing you nothing but the best and happiest anniversaries from here on in. Please keep up your exceptional work!
Very truly yours,

Anonymous said...

Dear friend,
I was always your fan when I looked at your satyric and humouristic drawings which make me laughing but recalling bitterly about our chronic "mal khmer".
This being said, anyway I'm glad today to wish you and your wife, my dear friends, "un très joyeux anniversaire de mariage".
Bonjour from Belgium!
Freddy L.