Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Hun family & Co.


Anonymous said...

Why you include Heng Pov in this picture, he is a criminal , he is not a prisionner of conscious like you think, ????????????

Anonymous said...

Re: Anon@8:13PM

Maybe (I am saying MAYBE) Heng Pov knows something about ah HUN SEN that you and I don't that we can use to do something to get rid of Ah HUN SEN and his cronies?


Anonymous said...

Bong Sen family is like this. In cambodia Bong Sen is the top of the king. Who dare? will die soon. ha ha! you know why he sold Kampuchea? becuz kampuchea is under his foot. so A Sen can do what A Sen wanna do. Sold, destroyed, killed, raped.......what ever he wants he'll do it for himseft and his fucking hell family. This is Srok Khmer....Srok khmer, when will you die?