Friday, May 19, 2006

Malai 2006

By Kok Sap

Simply, no one wants violence of war but sometime it is the only option to solve problems. Peace in Cambodia is threatend by land grabbing and encroachment fron eatern neighbor coun try. So this land grabbing is the indicative of Physic's Pendulum Law for the present ruling clan. Sihanouk error in mid 60's; Samlaut rebellion then Viet Cong illegal occupation; may come to haunt this corruptive government sooner. What happened in Battambang then? The corrupted Battambang governors let few tycoons of illegal tree loggers Chin Khmers robbed land from poor owners at the protection of his armed forces. Instead of slapped stealing hands, the insecure scornful Sihanouk persecuted and executed the defiant landowners on false treason act. The suppressed were left on choice but to remain in self defense until Viet Cong took opportunity to incite real war for his topple. Then he personalized everything for his revenge. The same scenario for dictator Hun Sen now, if his government continues to ignore the land loser rages, he will pay an awesome regret.

News said 160 people from Malai district lodging complaint of land grabbing abuse with Hun Sen and National Assembly doorsteps . This could be a walking time bomb. Malai is still the strong hold of patiently Union of Democratic Kampuchea Party under the watch of Pol Pot personal disciple Tep Khunnal, appointed District Chief. Remember, Malai has been home to many versions of resistant fighters since colonial rule and the last one is Democratic Kampuchea regional command seating before Ieng Sary sell out in 1996. Afterward, mass of UDK party cadres followed suit and infiltrated in every level of People Republic of Kampuchea administrative but allegiance remain under indirect self autonomous fiefdom Pailin. Malai bows to Pailin Comrade Ee Chhean's, an Ieng Sary close confidante and his son, Ieng Vuth, the playboy second in command, jurisdiction not necessary corruptive Banteay Meanchey governor. Be reminded Ieng Sary still sits on coffer of millions of dollar which could defray for future arm struggle. Also, Ieng Sary is still Comrade So Hao a Communist China Party passport holder and unadmissive DK henchman.

The Malai problems are refreshing the 2005 massacre in Kbarl Spian memory. If present government miscalculated the victims' rage, its day is number. Let this be a reminder, the government employed commanding officers reap benefits at the mischievous dirty scoundrels who might end up in jail for nothing. Because of the blindly high up greed, the children and spouse of those trigger pullers may be in the unsettlingly mood. Both kin and family of the dead and the appeared scapegoats are the real losers. Having known the DK persevered purpose, the repeated suppression will awaken the sleepy tiger. Then the irony for Hun Sen government is thou live by the sword, die by the sword. Once again the truth returns at the riddle, aon euy kom seurch bawng proryatt pia chhlorng m'dorng m'niak. Beware what goes up must come down !

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