Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Leaders of Khmer Republic Regime 1970-1975

Comment by Kok Sap

My friends,

Once upon time on March 18,1970 Cambodia was freed from feudalism and monarchy. It was the dawn of historical changes. The Parliament exhausted its options. Sihanouk was charged with national security breaches and innumerable treachery in abatement and sheltering state ennemy.From that day on he was no longer the head of the state. People of sincerity and clear conscience lauded the Parliament action.

Progressive and self determined example had set for the following generations. Parliament took task to its heart to reform the system with great tolerance for people and even Sihanoukphiles. Today was the day then that heightened our conscience to appreciate democracy,individual liberty,and equality in man kind.

May I join you in solemnly silence and reminiscence through the day of Cambodia liberation. May I also join you to pay tribute and gratitude to those of whom perrished in the name of struggle to preserve our country dignity and sovereignty. Be it a day of remembrance for Cambodia.Last let their sacrifices be a heroic reminder and moral duty for the futherance of this historical day in years.


Anonymous said...

Well, with them they brought widely corruption, extra judicial killing (not diffrent from KR)and produce many linatics like the one who draw it.


Anonymous said...

you khmer rouge idiot still don't understand why these people were the khmer heroes, tell me who is the khmer hero beside them?..jeeesh
still drowning right?..because of the people under sihanoukist that cause to corrupt. why? well, when the poors got into power, then the corrupt led them as well...don't you get it now or you're one of them too, the khmer rouge people, they never say any thing beside accused others...!!!..eeyore!

បុត្រាខ្មែរ said...

Well, it appears that you both are preoccupied.