Monday, February 20, 2006

Net Savoeun-Heng Peou Infighting Within Phnom Penh Police Forces Noted

Net Savoeun-Heng Peou Infighting Within Phnom Penh Police Forces Noted

SEP20060207021011 Phnom Penh Moneakseka Khmer in Cambodian 21 Jan 06 pp 1, 2, 3

A group of officers attached to the Phnom Penh Municipal Police Department [PPMPD] who are veteran officers with no backer said that the officers belonging to the Net Savoeun faction are on the way up again. This is after Hok Langdi appointed Net Savoeun, deputy director general of the National Police Department [NPD], to control the PPMPD concurrently with his current job.

These police officers said that Net Savoeun once was a PPMPD commissioner. When he was the chief of the Phnom Penh police, Net Savoeun did set up his own networks of supporters everywhere. After he left Phnom Penh, his men appeared to have cowered a little because Heng Peou made an unambiguous warning that when it was time to work everybody should work; there should be no monkey business or any attempt to use the name of this or that big brass to pressure him. Now that Hok Langdi succeeded in his ploy to pull Heng Peou out of the PPMPD and have Net Savoeun control Phnom Penh by proxy, the members of the Net Savoeun faction seem to be on the rise once more.

The PPMPD officers said that Net Savoeun was also known as a strongman in Phnom Penh. He used to challenge and unseat Khim Pon and Som Di, the younger brother of Som Kimsuor. After leaving the PPMPD, Khim Pon was assigned to the Supreme Court. As for Som Di, once out of Phnom Penh, he has become unemployed.

Because Net Savoeun used to fight and oust several former police big shots and he is now a nephew-in-law of the prime minister, he wanted to challenge Heng Peou as well. However, getting rid of Heng Peou is not that easy since he keeps the secrets of many a big shot. That is why Heng Peou warned everybody not to use the influence of this or that person to pressure him. He urged everybody to fulfill one's roles. On the day Heng Peou made that statement, Net Savoeun was very furious. Since then, he has marked Heng Peou as a man with whom he needs to settle some scores.

According to the same group of PPMPD officials, because Net Savoeun and Heng Peou were not on good terms with each other, the day Sau Sokha threatened Heng Peou in front of Net Savoeun, the latter remained indifferent and uninvolved and he did not offer any help.

The police officers said that Net Savoeun wanted to have the post of NPD deputy director-general that also could control the PPMPD for his personal goal. However, when he stumbled on Heng Peou, he cringed back.

Now that his plan to do away with Heng Peou succeeded, Hok Langdi appointed 3-star Net Savoeun to control the PPMPD in addition to his present job.

The police officers said that it looked fishy that a 3-star NPD deputy director general is controlling the PPMPD. Although Net Savoeun's role in the PPMPD was indirect, yet Touch Naruth could not do anything without the order from or consent of Net Savoeun. Therefore, Net Savoeun nowadays is the de facto PPMPD commissioner, for Touch Naruth has no authority at all. He has been installed on that seat as a figurehead only.

The PPMPD officers said that certain businesses of a few persons need the protection of influential men. If Heng Peou remained in charge of the PPMPD, either there could be a leak or nothing could be done in accordance with their desire. For this reason, they were seeking excuses to fire Heng Peou so that Net Savoeun could grab the tiller of the PPMPD.

Hok Langdi therefore has appointed Net Savoeun to head the PPMPD. When Heng Peou was still head of the PPMPD, Hok Langdi did not dare to appoint Net Savoeun or anyone else to oversee Heng Peou. However, when Touch Naruth was appointed to replace Heng Peou, Touch Naruth was immediately placed under Net Savoeun. For this reason, we said that the Net Savoeun faction is on the rise and they have celebrated this newfound success for two days and two nights.

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