Friday, October 08, 2010

Sacravatoons no 1845 : " Toul Krasaing Unit "


Anonymous said...

pouk jrol niyum!

Anonymous said...

Why KI-Media is not talking about this letter?

Mr. Sam Rainsy, you are backstabbing us, KI-Media readers. Why do you welcome those assholes Vietnamese? We supported you as a anti-CPP and anti-vietnamese leader. Don't talk to those Vietnamese... We want war with Vietnam, not peace. We are extremist people.
You are a traitor Sam Rainsy. You are Vietnamese like ah Hun Xen, ah Hor 5 Hong, ah Chea Xim.

You must take position Sam, you hate vietnamese or not? Stop backstabbing us.

Stupid Xam Rainxy

Heng Soy, Khmer Democrat, Khmerization, Sacrava, Socheata, open your eyes, Sam Rainsy is Vietnamese friend. He is backstabbing us.