Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sacravatoons no 1838 : " Russian T-55 Tank "

eptember 27, 2010
Source: Strategy Page

Cambodia recently received 50 Russian T-55 tanks and 44 BTR-60 wheeled armored personnel carriers. Both vehicle types were introduced in the 1950s. The BTR-60 is a ten ton vehicle with a crew of three and eight passengers. It has a small turret armed with a 14.5mm machine-gun. There is also a 7.62mm machine-gun. Over 27,000 were built, before production ended in the 1970s. The armor provides protection from most machine-gun bullets and shell fragments.

The T-55 is a 40 ton vehicle that was the ultimate development of the World War II T-34. Armed with a 100mm gun, as well as a 14.5mm and two 7.62mm machine-guns. Over 90,000 were produced (even more than the T-34) before production ended in the 1980s. The crew of four is not well protected from anti-tank weapons, and the 100mm gun is largely useless against modern tanks. But against civilians, the T-55 has proved to be effective.

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