Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sacravatoons no 1822 : " The Rats-Unit "


Anonymous said...

Once there was a kid in school asked his teacher
At that time the teacher was teaching what's love all about
The kid asked : "Teacher, how do we choose a best person to be loved the most?"
"And how can we maintained the love?"

The teacher answered : "It's pretty easy, just do as I say."
"Head towards the field outside the school"
"As you walk on the grass, look at the grass in front of you"
"Choose the prettiest grass without turning your back"
"Pick the prettiest grass and head back to class"

So the kid did what the teacher told him to do
He came back empty handed and the teacher asked
"How come you didn't pick any grass ? "

The kid replied
"While I was walking, I was looking for the prettiest grass"
"Indeed there were many pretty grass, but you told me to pick the prettiest grass"
"So I went on moving forward to search for the prettiest grass without turning my back"
"But when I reached at the end of the field, I couldn't find any pretty ones"
"Perhaps, they were the prettiest ones back there"
"But you told me that I couldn't turn my back and I end up coming back empty handed"

The teacher answered
"That's your answer"
"It means that when we found someone that we loved"
"It's best we do not find someone better"
"We should appreciate the people that's right in front of us"
"Never looked back as what has happened has happened"
"Let's just hope it never happens again"
"And remember, the person we loved most, it's the prettiest and the best"
"Although there were many prettier and better ones just like the grass .... "

Sarika of Battambang.france

Anonymous said...

Wow !!! what a comment, great lok sarika of battambang. I love you all message over here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I also love his all comment write here since a long time, I know also that Sarika and Sir Bun Heang UNG are old friend ,born in the same house.

Khmer love Khmer.Cambodia